Souvenirs Pitres S.L. is a family company with a solid base of knowledge grounded in the marketing of Crafts, with 44 years of experience. Initiated in 1967 by founder Don Manuel Tellez Perez in selling all kinds of ceramics and crafts, gardening, interior and exterior decoration, household utensils, lighting, etc. 

Careful lot of effort into selecting factories with large decorative tradition i craft from all provinces of Spain, from Andalusia with high activity in Jaen, Cordoba, Granada, Seville renowned for its enamels, and they all worked hand-painted  i Mosaics represented by i Castellón Valencia. Glazed ceramic Catalunya where the green, yellow and blue colors represent the typical glazed ceramic glaze having been modernized as the last red king par excellence, black and pistachio as winners, lilac and turquoise and enamel and innovative  this community and i also clay pots pans so typical in our country which are glazed with special paints and colors like red, pistachio, etc. In Extremadura the old jars produced around and with great effort. 

Not to mention our neighboring country of Portugal which will also get beautiful pieces decorated and painted by hand.

This is only a small mention of everything that every year we can offer our customers factory i modified according to Don Manuel Tellez manufacturers Perez and his family are on their travels throughout Spain. Since its inception was distinguished by its outstanding quality in products and has also made clear his seriousness as a marketer.

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