White or red pottery decorated with hand painted i enamels and decorative paints and varnishes ending the process with glossy or matt in some cases giving the article a satin finish. Floral decorations or olives, fruit or also modern prints.


To perform this type of articles with the selection of the best land, free of salts and impurities, with a lower cooking temperature to 1,020 degrees ever, we provide the optimal end product of porosity and excellent resistance to ice.
Many of our parts are manufactured in a completely handmade, no molds, so each piece in its final result ... is unique.


These items are decorated in a complex process where traditional glazes of all colors get much prominence .. ie when the vitrified terracotta, covered with a glaze produced from a varnish. The end result is the bi-cooking article which makes it tougher.



The pans are made ​​of a special land Reflectaria, that is connected to the heat, making them many centuries ago, suitable for cooking, and delicious meals.
Currently, there are different colors and shapes, always starting from the former base, which support the gas fire, oven and hob.


Stoneware is a mixture of various clays without addition of fluxes, completes its long process of cooking to the 1,360 degrees Celsius. The balance between the maximum cooking temperature and stability that confer its high performance techniques make this material a high resistance to low temperatures and weather.



The stone is a noble material and its use in the decorative arts is synonymous with elegance. We have different aesthetic lines from the classical tradition to the current design, from the original to the practical. It is produced using marble stone and each piece is hand finished by craftsmen to perfect.

Ideal for gardens and terraces, resistant to low temperatures and strong winds.



In decor varies, you can find various articles for household or kitchen use, bronze mirrors and consoles to beautify an entrance hall, hallway, any area of ​​the house. There are also indoor fountains, made of resin and fiberglass in many sizes and colors.
* Olive Wood worked in various forms as utenlios for kitchen and table.
* Tables of hand painted tiles for exterior and interior, made of brightly colored glazes and rural landscapes, marine, dances, cultures, ect ...



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